Pop star Lily Allen disappointed the studio audience of her new talk show - over a third walked out complaining of boredom. Over 150 fans selected from the singer's "friends" on social networking website MySpace attended the taping at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, England on Friday (08Feb08) and watched as the 22-year-old struggled to read handwritten cue cards after a teleprompter broke. One attendee says, "Everyone really, really wanted it to work for Lily. She is such a lovely person but all the jokes fell flat and she seemed very nervous. "It just did not work. I do think she's got a nice voice but she didn't sing at all. I think everyone was expecting she would." And after playing a series of Internet videos showing animals having sex, Allen seemingly failed to impress even her celebrity guests, with actor Cuba Gooding Jr commenting, "I don't know what's sicker, animals having sex or you clapping."