Lily Allen has put her decision to quit booze down to a public row with SIR Elton John at an awards ceremony last year (08). The Smile hitmaker recently vowed to stop drinking and curb her partying ways - and she credits a much-publicised incident at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards in London with opening her eyes to her bad behaviour.
The odd couple was co-hosting the prizegiving when the Rocket Man criticised tipsy Allen's drinking onstage. His comments sparked a war of words between the duo.
And Allen now admits the row put her off alcohol for the next few months.
She says, "I did stop drinking pretty much the day after that. I was really upset and angry about it all. I felt like Id done a good thing for charity, for Elton, and it had spun out of control.
Someone said to me, Look, if youd not had a bottle of champagne in your hand then people wouldnt have made such a big deal of it.
"Thats when I decided if I ever got angry again Id make sure I was never pictured with a drink in my hand as well."
Allen admits she's still drinking, but just to steady her nerves before concerts.
She adds, "Theres no way I can get on stage without a drink."