Lily Allen had to leave early from the GQ Men of the Year Awards in London, as the singer was too drunk to stay.

The 22-year-old LDN singer also caused a stir after she loudly chatted all the way through Madonna's speech on stage.

Madge was at the event to hand out an Inspiration Award to her interior designer friend DAVID COLLINS, but her speech was punctuated with a drunken Lily's loud comments.

One audience member told the Daily Mail: "Lily was being rude and loud, she was chatting all of the way through and it was painfully obvious.

"At first nobody noticed but then it was evident what she was doing - even Madge gave her a look."

After enjoying the free bar a little too much, the LITTLEST THINGS songstress then promptly fell over as she tried to visit the toilet, so her record label staff stepped in and suggested she left.

"Lily was drunk and wasn't quite aware of what she was doing. It was felt best that she left there before any real trouble started," the source added.

05/09/2007 14:42:04