Lily Allen's childhood prayers were answered when her mother rescued her from the violent wrath of a nanny - a moment of divine intervention that temporarily restored her faith in God. The Smile singer's mum - movie producer Alison Owen - employed nannies to look after her kids while she was busy working on film shoots, and young Allen bore the brunt of a "mental" carer's fury when she played a telephone prank on the police with her brother Alfie. Unfortunately for the mischievous pair, the police called back - and their nanny grabbed the phone. She recalls, "Me and Alfie once called 999 and hung up. The police called back and she answered it. She went mental. She hit me, really hard and sent me to bed. "I sat on my top bunk, praying - I was at a Catholic school at the time - 'Please God, let my mum walk in in 20 seconds.' I counted to 20 - and mum walked in! I believed in God for a bit." However, Allen's faith in God soon disappeared during another bout of nanny abuse - because, on this occasion, her prayers went unheard.