Pop star Lily Allen has lashed out at a British journalist who mocked a comparison between her new album and the works of literary greats WILLIAM WORDSWORTH and Alan Bennett.
In her Guardian newspaper column last Wednesday (29Oct08) Marina Hyde claims a press release that likens the lyrics in Allen's new album It's Not Me, It's You to the works of poet Wordsworth and playwright Bennett "may well be the year's most hilariously stupid document".
Allen responded on the Guardian's website, writing in the comments section, "I think that what you wrote earlier was thoughtless and uncalled for... It's quite obvious the part of this press release you referred to was 'tongue in cheek'. As we all know, it would be ridiculous to compare me to Wordsworth or Bennett and your poking fun at this reference was cheap, really. Well anyway, I hope we can put this all behind us and that you can move on to writing something else that makes other people feel stupid, and you feel more clever. Lily Allen."
After an online exchange between the pair, Allen threatened to open a discussion on her MySpace page about Hyde's alleged affair with former newspaper editor, America's Got Talent judge Piers Morgan, writing, "I might start it as a debate on my MySpace blog, there are 250,000 subscribers to that blog."