Lily Allen got her first taste of the music industry at the age of 14 when her dad recruited her to secretly record extra vocals for British girl group Atomic Kitten, according to a new report.
Allen shot to fame after the release of her 2006 album Alright, Still, and is currently riding high in the global pop charts with her second disc It's Not Me, It's You.
But the pop star actually made her musical debut as a teenage schoolgirl - when her actor father Keith Allen needed a female vocalist for a song in 2001 movie Mike Bassett: England Manager.
Allen loaned her vocals to the girl band for the record after one member, Natasha Hamilton, fell ill, according to Britain's The Sun newspaper.
A source tells the publication, "The producers didn't have time to spend a week in the studio getting the girls' vocals sorted, plus Natasha never turned up because she was ill, so there was a panic.
"Luckily, Keith Allen wrote the song and happened to bring Lily along to a lot of the studio sessions.
"Keith said to give her a try because he thought she had a good voice. Sure enough, everyone was astounded by how good she was.
"It only took her half a day to nail it. Liz (MCClarnon) and Jenny (Frost) are on the finished song but Lily was the third member, with the strongest vocal, patching the whole thing up."