Lily Allen's actor father KEITH has come out in defence of his daughter - insisting the pop star is extremely brave for carrying on with her TV show despite a flurry of bad reviews.
Allen's TV debut, Lily Allen and Friends, was deemed a flop after it failed to attract high enough ratings, with its first episode only drawing 255,000 viewers - just two per cent of the potential audience.
But the 22-year-old has vowed to continue fronting the show after it was commissioned for a second series by British TV channel BBC Three.
And Keith Allen has praised the singer for her resilience, especially in light of her recent personal troubles, which include suffering a miscarriage earlier this year (08) and splitting with boyfriend Ed Simons shortly afterwards.
He says, "It was a very, very tough time for her. (But she has) come out fighting.
"To wake up the day after your show basically being told that you're talentless and useless, it's pretty tough. She carried on, and power to her. It seems unfair because I think the show is absolutely fine."