Pop star Lily Allen is encouraging her employees to work harder by rewarding them with airplane seats next to her in first class.
The British singer recently discovered she has the final say in selecting which member of her hefty entourage sits next to her while flying on board airplanes as she travels the world to promote her album It's Not Me, It's You.
And she now plans to offer the spare seat as an incentive to her crew members.
She explains, "The record label pick up the bills. I have now discovered that I get to choose who sits with me at the front while everyone else sits in economy.
"My tour manager never quite got around to telling me this piece of information and has been booking himself to sit alongside me at the pointy end every time.
"I want to introduce a sort of employee of the week award where one of the band or a roadie can sit with me at my choosing. It would be someone who has excelled or needs a treat."