Lily Allen is baffled by the decision to honour Robbie Williams's music career at this year's (10) BRIT Awards - she's convinced the ANGELS hitmaker is too young for a lifetime achievement tribute.
The former Take That star is set to receive the Outstanding Contribution to Music prize at Tuesday night's (16Feb10) ceremony, after winning 11 coveted BRIT Awards over the years - more than any other artist.
But the Smile singer is convinced the 36 year old isn't old enough to land the honour, which has previously been awarded to artists including Sir Paul MCCartney, U2 and The Beatles.
She says, "I was having a meeting with the producers and they were saying the last performance is Robbie Williams, because he's winning a lifetime achievement award.
"I said, 'That's a bit early isn't it?' And they thought I meant in the show but I meant his life. He's only 30 isn't he? So that was quite funny, but good luck to him, he is winning."