British pop star Lily Allen will only date men over the age of 40 - because they make her "feel better" about herself.
The 23-year-old recently split from 45-year-old art dealer, Jay Jopling, and has also dated Chemical Brothers star, Ed Simons, 38.
And Allen is adamant she would never be interested in men her own age.
She says, "They (older men) make me feel better about myself because I can talk to them about things and they talk back.
"I don't think I'd go out with anyone under 40. I just like older men. I suppose I like guys that know where they're going and what they're doing."
But the singer admits there are some disadvantages when choosing an older partner.
She adds, "They probably don't fall in love as easily as I do. When I get into a relationship I get quite consumed by them. For guys that are older, relationships aren't usually top of their list. It's work first."