Lily Allen's actor dad Keith has urged his daughter to "shut up" in a new magazine tribute piece.
The British tough guy was asked to comment on his pop star daughter's wild life for a new Spin magazine article in America, and after defending her over accusations she parties too much, Allen insists the candid Smile singer has to learn what not to say in interviews.
He says, "I don't mind say this, because I've told her already: she needs to know when to f**king shut up."
The comment comes just days after his daughter told the British media she retreated to a "nuthouse" after suffering a miscarriage just over a year ago.
Before Allen blasts his daughter for talking too much, he takes time to support her lifestyle.
He tells Spin, "As a man, I could drink, snort (drugs), and f**k to my heart's content without any detriment to my career. A girl cannot do that.
"The tabloids (in Britain) are shameless in trying to create a race-to-rehab between any girl and out there who has a drink.
"Lily's learning what daddy learned long ago: fame is a pain in the f**king arse."