British pop star Lily Allen is grateful to American immigration officials for revoking her work visa in 2007 - because it gave her the motivation to revitalise her stage show.
The Smile singer was forced to cancel all her U.S. tour dates in August 2007 after she was stopped from entering the country over a scuffle with a photographer that March - which resulted in her arrest on allegations of assault.
Allen admits she was devastated at the time, but the incident gave her a welcome break from her hectic tour schedule.
She tells Britain's NME magazine, "I was really sad when I got my visa taken off me, but I was really exhausted and it felt like a blessing in disguise. I did really need to be home. I'd been on the road for a year and I just wanted to be with my friends and family."
And Allen is convinced the experience gave her a much-needed boost to pull her life together and revamp her onstage persona.
She adds, "I've completely changed the way I play live. I'm really enjoying it, giving people a show. Before I was just getting drunk, wandering around onstage and moaning, which isn't much fun if you've paid for a ticket. So thank the nice people at immigration for putting me on a path to a rethink."