Pop star Lily Allen is baffled by the media's response to Madonna's divorce from Guy Ritchie - she expected him to be savaged for wanting a share of the Material Girl's millions.
The estranged couple announced they were divorcing last Wednesday (15Oct08) and gossips immediately began speculating over how much Ritchie would be paid in a settlement.
Weekend tabloid reports claimed the filmmaker had agreed a multi-million dollar sum from Madonna, although those claims were subsequently denied by the singer's representative Liz Rosenberg.
And Allen is stunned by how tame the British press has been towards Ritchie, compared to how Heather Mills was treated when she took former Beatle Sir Paul MCCartney to the divorce courts.
Writing on her blog, Allen muses, "So I'm reading the papers today, and I couldn't help but wonder................... why the press haven't gone on the attack at Guy Ritchie for walking away with 150 million quids of Madonnas. When only recently we saw a very different story with Heather Mills . Like you , I know nothing of the ins an outs of either parties negotiations , but then neither do the press really. I just find it weird how it can be one rule for one person and another for another."