British pop star Lily Allen has spent $47,000 (GBP23,500) on paintings by The Clash star PAUL SIMONON - including one as a present for pal SIR Elton John.
The Smile hitmaker purchased two pictures from Simonon's art exhibition in the British capital earlier this week (begs14Apri08) - one to decorate her new West London home, and another to give to the legendary singer as a thank you gift.
And the 22-year-old - who was the goddaughter of Simonon's late bandmate Joe Strummer - insists she has a keen interest in the art world and is already a connoisseur.
She says, "I am looking to fill my bedroom with some art. I've already got a bit of an art collection including a few Damien Hirsts and some interesting prints. I'm very into my art. I wish I could paint but I'm rubbish.
"I've bought a few paintings because I'm still doing up my flat. Plus I wanted to get one for Elton to say thanks, as I am going to his house in the south of France."
Allen's gift to Sir Elton is a piece titled Bacon + Egg, worth $17,000 (GBP8,500).