Lily Allen has slammed fellow British singer Amy Winehouse for her partying ways But the SMILE singer insists her wild days are behind her - and claims to live a "quiet life" away from celebrity parties and events, despite her wild reputation. She tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "(Amy Winehouse) goes to all those parties, though, and hangs out with Kelly Osbourne and Kate Moss. "I don't understand that need to become famous. In my country, I think I have a reputation of being a bad role model for kids (and) yet nobody's ever had a picture of me rolling out of a nightclub at five in the morning completely out of my head on Ecstasy and coked out of my brains. "I always find that really peculiar. That's never gonna happen to me, because really I'm not like that. "If I wanted to be, like, a rich and famous celebrity, I would be going to those celebrity parties and film premieres, but that's just not what I'm here for and not what I find interesting. "In my spare time I like to stay at home with my boyfriend and watch television. I have had my days of going out and getting trashed, but I really don't anymore."