Hellraising pop star Lily Allen was no match for the cast of legendary Aussie soap opera NEIGHBOURS - she was so stunned at the actors' hard partying she begged them to quit boozing.
The British singer headed Down Under earlier this year (09) to film a brief cameo slot on the longrunning family-friendly show.
She invited all the cast members to her concert in the country later that week - and was stunned at how wildly the squeaky-clean actors liked to party when the cameras stopped rolling.
Allen, a fan of the show, says: "They all came out with us raving afterwards because they all came to the gig. And they were seriously off their faces (drunk). Even Libby (beloved Aussie actress Kym Valentine).
"I was a bit upset - 'This is not how it's meant to be, you're meant to be nice Neighbours people - stop drinking!... Ok, I'm going back to my hotel now!'"