Lily Allen has found the perfect way to keep her men in line - she writes songs about them if they treat her badly. The Smile singer's recent relationships have all ended on good terms, because she is known for publicly slamming ex-lovers through her lyrics.
Allen, whose past boyfriends include Chemical Brothers star Ed Simons and art dealer Jay Jopling, has penned a song for her new album, It's Not Be, It's You, criticising an ex's sexual prowess.
And the star is convinced her reputation for writing scathing lyrics has had an effect on all her potential suitors.
She says, "Now guys are really nice when they're breaking up with me because they don't want to end up in a song. Five years ago, before I was famous, I'd go on a date and guys would never call me again. Now it's different.
"None of my songs are fictional, they're all real."