British pop star Lily Allen resents giving up her time to promote her new album - because she knows she won't make any money from the LP.
The Smile hitmaker claims to have only made $72,500 (GBP50,000) from her debut - 2006's Alright, Still - despite the record going on to sell nearly two million copies worldwide.
And now Allen admits she feels "angry" towards bosses at her record label for making her undergo rounds of press interviews to publicise her upcoming record, It's Not Me, It's You, which is due for release next month (Feb09).
She tells Britain's Q Radio, "I don't make any money out of record sales at all. I make money out of touring and syncs, publishing.
"My songs being put on Grey's Anatomy things like that. I don't make any money at all from selling an album, which is probably why I feel so angry about doing all this promotion because I am not earning any money out of it, someone else (is) and they don't have to live with the lasting effects."