LATEST: British pop star Lily Allen was so terrified about meeting her idols Blondie last week (25May07), she convinced herself they would hate her. The Smile singer was invited to join the group onstage for a free show in New York, where they duetted on Heart of Glass. But Allen was so crippled by nerves before the performance her self confidence plummeted. Writing on her MySpace page, she recalls, "I am such a huge fan of theirs and it was really scary, to meet them. I thought they might hate me, and my paranoia was telling me that they'd been bullied into doing it with me by their record company, which was probably true, but if it was I couldn't tell. "They were super nice, and made me feel really comfortable. We had to be at the studio at five in the morning and then we rehearsed again and went on at 8.40. I sang terribly cause I was so nervous, but it was another amazing experience which I shall remember forever."