LATEST: British pop star Lily Allen paid a GBP500 ($975) ransom for the safe return of her stolen dog, insisting she had "no choice". The SMILE star was holidaying in Jamaica when she received the news of the missing pet pooch last month (28DEC06), and posted a plea for help on her MySpace page. She has since been reunited with MAGGIE MAY - but at a cost. Allen explains, "We got a call from a man in east London. He said he had Maggie and had bought her as a present for his sister. He said he didn't really want to give her away but was persuaded by the reward. "Some friends went to meet him a couple of hours later to see if it was Maggie. Luckily it was. They were asked to follow the man and his two mates in a car for a few minutes away from the main road. They did this, handed over the cash and got Maggie back. "I feel guilty for giving these people money and contributing to their cruel business. But I love my dog and felt I had no choice. "The fact that she (Maggie) was very thin makes me think she was not fed and the fact that she was infested with fleas implies that she was kept with other animals, and that they were maybe stolen too." The matter is now being investigated by police.