Lily Allen hates newspapers publishing negative stories about her - because they upset her elderly grandfather.
The Smile singer admits she has become more careful about what she says in interviews and has stopped writing about her life on her internet blogs, because she is determined to keep her personal problems out of the media.
And Allen, 24, insists she's not trying to protect her reputation - she just wants to stop her grandad reading untrue stories about her in newspapers.
She tells the Liverpool Daily Post, "If people stuck to facts, you know, I wouldn't get so upset, but when people make judgements on my character from sources that don't actually exist, that's what upsets me because I feel like the general public are getting some idea of who I am and actually it's not true at all.
"I don't blog so much. I don't kind of give so much of myself away, and now it's got to the point where I don't even let myself be photographed with a drink, even if it's water, in my hand just because I don't like giving people ammunition any more. It's just too upsetting for me, and not only me but for my widowed grandfather who has nothing better to do than sit in his house reading (British newspapers) The Sun and The Mirror and comes across all these horrible stories about his granddaughter. He doesn't know any better than to believe them and that's what upsets me."