Lily Allen has vowed to keep up her concert ticket treasure hunts after having fun sending fans after passes before her recent shows in San Diego and Los Angeles.
The Smile singer hung tickets on trees and billboards on the day of the show and then sent clues to fans - so they could find them.
Allen had no idea how fast the tickets would get snapped up.
She says, "I hid them in this sneaker shop, under some sneakers and I said, 'Go to the sneaker shop, ask for this guy Eric,' and as I walked out the shop - it was literally two minutes (after the post) - suddenly 10 kids just went flying past me.
"I hid some (tickets) on the G outside the Pacific Design Center (in Los Angeles)... and I sent out this clue and I waited there for about 20 minutes and this guy just pulled up in his car."
But even she was astonished at the speed of technology when she hung a pair of tickets on a tree outside the Victoria's Secret lingerie store at trendy Los Angeles shopping mall The Grove.
She explains, "The guy at The Grove... it was literally 40 seconds from when I sent the Twitter. This guy was just walking along with his iPhone and he looked up and he saw me and he just went, 'When did you write this?' and I was like, '30 seconds ago.' It's amazing. It's really fun."