Pop star Lily Allen has been left "shaken" after clashing with neighbours over a parking space she is alleged to have 'stolen' from another resident near her new London home. The Smile hitmaker, 22, was accused of frequently parking her Mini Cooper in a private parking bay belonging to another resident outside her home in Hackney, east London, before she was confronted by the owner last week (ends31Aug07). An onlooker tells British newspaper The Mirror, "The man marched over to Lily, started jabbing his finger at her and gave her a piece of his mind. "He had no idea it was Lily Allen until she got out of the car and asked him what the hell he was going on about. The man looked a bit surprised when confronted with a pop star but continued laying into her, saying she was selfish and generally having a go. "She started screaming at him, telling him to shut up and to treat her with some respect. She said it was just a mistake, but looked really shaken by the experience - especially considering he was one of her neighbours." Allen, who recently (Aug07) hit headlines after a scuffle with reggae artist Bobby Kray on stage at London's Notting Hill Carnival, purchased the GBP600,000 ($1.2 million) house earlier this year (07).