LATEST: Lily Allen has blasted reports she confessed to being an alcoholic on her blog - insisting the media have made up the whole story. It was recently reported that Allen had written on her MySpace page, claiming she was an alcoholic - however no message from the pop star was ever posted. The Smile hitmaker says, "It never was on the Myspace blog. Someone made it up. We've been trying to trace it, because obviously, my publicist in England is really angry about it. "I did an interview in Canada - I can't remember what the TV program was called - and someone, like, a journalist or not a journalist ... got a notepad out and wrote what he thought I said, and then called one of the tabloid journalists in London, and said, 'Oh, Lily just said she was an alcoholic on the TV.' "So they printed it, then said I had written it on my blog - because I do write things on my blog, but it was never there. "It's just another one of those lies."