British singer Lily Allen has accused the television industry of having double standards, because she cannot swear on air yet Paris Hilton and THE Pussycat Dolls can dance in a sexually suggestive manner. Allen has been banned from TV shows for using bad language, which she believes is harmless compared to the provocative manner in which some stars perform. She says, "It's really depressing. But there's only so much I can say about those people. They're not going to stop until people stop buying it or watching it on TV. "The guys that are controlling those TV stations will ban you for swearing. I've been banned from certain channels for swearing, yet they'll let people like Paris Hilton and Pussycat Dolls go on there gyrating themselves up against a pole. "I'm sorry, but you think a young child is going to grow up quicker because they hear the word 'f**k'. I don't think so."