British pop star Lily Allen needed a little help from internet search engine Google last night (27NOV06), when she forgot the lyrics to one of her own songs during a gig at London's Union Chapel. The SMILE hitmaker, 21, was left speechless when she could not remember the words to her song EVERYTHING'S JUST WONDERFUL, and was grateful when back stage staff came to her rescue with a sheet of lyrics printed from the web. One spectator recalls, "She just said something like, 'Sorry, I can't remember it. I'll have another go later.' "She seemed mildly embarrassed but quite jovial. Then she sent someone off for the lyrics and launched into a different song. "About five minutes later the assistant came back and handed her a couple of sheets of paper with the lyrics on. She sang Everything's Just Wonderful from the lyric sheets." Allen's audience included Chris Martin, James Morrison and her actor/comedian father KEITH ALLEN.