British pop star Lily Allen is distraught after being made to "feel fat" by the media - and less worthy of a fashion range than Kate Moss. The Smile singer feels exploited by the press after she was pitted against the supermodel, whose Topshop range was launched days before Allen's New Look line. The speculation has had lasting consequences on Allen - who is now chronically insecure about her weight. She tells Cosmopolitan magazine, "I felt I'd been set up and it shook me. All of the body-image issues I struggle with on a daily basis came up. "I'm a size 10 with a size eight top and made to feel fat next to someone like Kate Moss. What makes me angry is I let it happen. I'm not super-skinny, so in 'Fameland' I'm fat Lily Allen. It's now my ambition to get all those skinny-arsed bitches off the covers of magazines and get normal people on them."