British pop star Lily Allen is delighted topless shots of her partying in Cannes, France made the front pages of many British newspapers last week (ends18May08) - because the pictures were a dream come true.
The Smile singer was snapped relaxing in only a pair of blue bikini bottoms at a French resort during the Cannes Film Festival - and her semi-naked form made headlines.
Several British tabloids, including The Sun, have topless women on page three of their newspaper every day - and the star admits she was very pleased to officially become a Page Three girl.
She says, "I didn't know they were on the front pages of newspapers! I thought I was a Page Three girl. It's like: 'Lily, 23, from London.' Finally!
"My new manager left a message on my assistant's phone, saying, 'Uh, I don't know if you know, but Lily's boobs are all over the newspapers.' It's only taking a bikini top off. I've got nothing to be ashamed of about my body. We've all got them."
And Allen admits she's only at the French film festival to support her father Keith, who is showcasing his documentary There Are Dark Forces, which is about late British royal Diana, Princess of Wales.
She adds, "To be honest, I'm not here for Cannes, I'm here for this party, to see my dad's film and then go back home again."