British pop star Lily Allen has bought her dream house in London - after flying back from the U.S. for just two days to seal the deal. The singer has revealed her purchase on her blog. Once the paperwork goes through - Allen will be able to move out of the north London home she shares with her mother Alison Owen and brother Alfie. The 22 year old writes, "I've been trying to find a place to live for a while and I've been spending all my mortgage money on handbags and shoes that I can't afford. While I love handbags and shoes, I think it's more important to have a place to call home. "I frantically went and looked around some places with my sister Sarah as she's been researching places for the past few weeks. We found a house in Hackney that I fell in love with immediately. I put an offer in and it got declined. "Anyway they finally accepted my offer and it's amazing and I'm so happy, I really feel like I've earned it, I've worked so f**king hard, I've laughed, I've cried, I've had awful hangovers, I've had a number one, I've been snubbed at awards ceremonies, and I've got amazing fans who write lovely things to me when I'm feeling low. And to top it all off, if everything goes to plan I might have my own house! "Keep your fingers crossed that all the paperwork goes through and I can move in soon. I spent the next day in a series of dull meetings with my solicitors and mortgage broker and then got on a plane back to NY, a total of two days and 16 hours after I left the USA."