British pop newcomer Lily Allen has blasted "sexist" music magazine NME, after the publication placed rock band Muse on the front cover of their annual Cool List edition. Female singers BETH DITTO of THE GOSSIP, KAREN O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Allen appeared at number one, five and three respectively on the annual list of the coolest people in music, compiled by NME staff. Allen fell out with NME earlier this year when her joke about cocaine during an interview was taken seriously and widely published in the tabloids as 'an admission' of taking the drug. Writing on her MySpace profile, Allen says, "I was approached by them again with regards to the 'Cool List Issue 2006', five women had made it into the top 10 and we (the women) were asked to pose for photos to be the main feature for the cover . The context was so important ie; a strong female presence in music, I thought I might as well put aside my differences and do it. "I went to get a copy yesterday, and this is what we (the women) got . Another f**kin' MUSE cover. "CONOR MCNICHOLAS, the editor of NME, said, 'From Beth to Lily to Karen, they've brought new energy to a scene dominated by men. They're also living proof that you can still rock a crowd when you're wearing stilettos.' "I mean how f**king patronising 'You can still rock a crowd wearing stilletos'. Don't make me sick, we've always been here you arrogant p**ck, this was your chance to actually show you meant it and instead you put Muse on the cover 'cause you thought that your readers might not buy a magazine with an overweight lesbian and a not particularly attractive looking me, on the front. W**kers."