Lily Allen has been condemned for glamorising guns by wearing a necklace with a machine gun pendant.
The Smile hitmaker - who previously met with London mayor Boris Johnson to outline proposals to reduce knife crime - was photographed wearing the gold pendant on Friday (26Sep08).
But the choice of jewellery has outraged anti-violence groups, who have branded Allen "irresponsible".
Lyn Costello, from anti-violence group MAMAA, says: "She is glamorising the use of guns. It's totally irresponsible.
"She's a role model and people look up to her. The last thing we want is people looking at her and thinking guns are fashionable.
"I'm really disappointed in her. She had a meeting with the Mayor saying she's worried about knife crime but is she not worried about gun crime too.
"If she's really worried about violent crime then she shouldn't wear a necklace that promotes guns."