Pop star-turned-fashion designer Lily Allen has waded into the size zero debate, blaming the stick thin trend on "irresponsible" fashion editors. The Smile singer unveiled her collection of prom dresses, shoes and funky accessories at British high street chain New Look on Tuesday (08May07) and is using her new career title to legitimise an attack on the fashion industry. She says, "Fashion editors can f**k off. Lots of them are responsible for the skinny issue. If fashion editors put bigger models in their magazines, then maybe girls wouldn't be sticking their fingers down their throats so much. "It makes me so angry, they should think more about what they're doing to the younger generation. "It's in the magazines' and advertisers' interests to make girls want to be skinny and feel s**t about themselves because then they will go out and buy their products. It's just another part of the capitalist, materialistic, evil world that we live in."