Lily Aldridge is taking her personal trainer with her to China to work out before this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

The 31-year-old model - who acquired her angel wings in 2010, after modelling for the lingerie giant one year earlier - exercises ''all year long'' but in preparation for her runway appearance in Shanghai next month she will bring her fitness expert out to the city with her to ensure she exercises every morning before work to stay in shape.

The brunette beauty - who has five-year-old daughter Dixie with her husband Caleb Followill - told Vogue Online: ''I work out all year long, I love to be in shape and feel good. We just ramp up the workouts closer to the show.

''I work out with Ballet Beautiful founder Mary Helen Bowers six times a week, sometimes twice a day leading up to the show.

''My trainer will be coming to China and I will train in the mornings before work. But it's also important to relax after travelling so far.''

As well as having an intense fitness programme, Lily also makes sure she stays hydrated and gets enough rest.

Asked how she stays healthy when she is travelling across the globe, she said: ''I drink lots of water and try to sleep on the plane.''

Although Lily works hard to look her best when she graces the catwalk, she tries her best to ''enjoy'' the whole experience and build up to the fashion extravaganza.

She said: ''I always enjoy the experience leading up to the show. All the girls travelling together, hanging out at the hotel, it's like being at summer camp.

''I've learned to enjoy the moment. It goes by so fast.''

And just before Lily takes to the platform in a skimpy underwear set she is ''constantly dancing'' to make sure she is full of energy when she struts along the catwalk, but as she is walking along she is urging herself not to fall over.

She explained: ''I'm constantly dancing backstage to keep my energy up. I walk about with my music on at all times to calm my nerves.

''I try to tell myself not to slip.''