Lily Aldridge suffers from mom guilt.

The 32-year-old model - who has Dixie, five, with her husband Caleb Followill - wishes she could be with her daughter ''every second of the day'' but knows it is important to have her career too.

She said: ''You know, I wish I could just be there every second of the day. But then I'm also so proud that I'm a working mom and I always emphasise that to my daughter when I have to go to work. One day I think she's going to be really proud.

''I don't even know the answer! Obviously family is my number one priority, always. And I am so lucky to work with incredible clients that I get to bring my daughter with me on trips and she gets to be a part of this magical journey with me. But it's all balance and all of us are still trying to figure it all out as moms or businesswomen - all those things. Just try to be the best you can be.''

And Lily admits she does worry about her daughter and the rise in social media.

She added: ''I do worry about my daughter. I'm hoping by the time she could get on social media it's not cool any more. Because things go through waves and eventually the young generation will be like, 'We want to be more private.' I'm hoping!''

And the model knows it is important to always be ''humble and sweet''.

She told Harper's Bazaar Arabia magazine: ''I think you can have it all as long as you have a good head on your shoulders, that you're humble and sweet and kind to everyone. Those are the things to me that matter. That's having it all to me; having a home life and a life and friendship. It's a balance of everything, it's not just career.''