Lily Aldridge doesn't mind if men look at her ''hot'' pictures.

The Victoria's Secret model insisted she isn't a sex object, but revealed she isn't bothered by the idea she has male fans lusting after her.

Speaking to The Times Magazine, she said: ''Obviously, they're going to look at pictures of girls in their underwear and think they're hot. And they are hot.''

Lily, 27, is married to Kings Of Leon frontman Caleb Followill and said she models for other women rather than men.

She added: ''I try not to think about [men staring]. When I'm posing I'm doing it for other women, thinking about how much I loved looking at [similar] pictures as a little girl.

''Men are looking at me, too, I know that, and if I didn't have male fans I wouldn't have women fans ... I'm not self-conscious. If I didn't feel confident, I wouldn't be dressing in underwear to make a living.''

She and Caleb - who have one daughter, eight-month-old Dixie Pearl - got married in May 2011, and the model knew her rockstar husband was interested when they first met at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in 2007.

Lily revealed: ''I knew he had a crush on me ... From then on, we were inseparable ... We're super-low-key and very family-orientated.''