Lily Aldridge gets anxious on the catwalk.

The Victoria's Secret model admits she still feels nervous when she's ordered to strip down to her underwear and flaunt her figure on the runway, but she's glad she has a team of professionals behind her to help her look her best.

Speaking to LOOK magazine, she said: ''Of course I want to look good when I do the show - I'm in my lingerie, but I've got a team of people behind me who choose a flattering outfit. I know they have my back.''

Despite springing back to her slender frame in just 16 weeks after giving birth to her daughter Dixie last year - whom she shares with Kings of Leon rocker Caleb Followill - Lily admits there are some days when she just wants to wear her pyjamas because she doesn't feel comfortable in anything else.

She explained: ''There are mornings when I want to stay in my pyjamas and not leave the house!''

Lily designed a range of clothing for American label Velvet last year and is bringing out a new line next season, but she claims her main priority is caring for her offspring.

She said: ''It feels so natural to be a mum and I think we'll eventually have more babies, but there are no plans yet.''