Lily Aldridge has spoken out against the use of Photoshop.

The Victoria's Secret Angel believes the practice of retouching models' photos by using the computer software to airbrush their imperfections should be banned because it robs women of their natural beauty.

She told the Huffington Post: ''I honestly don't like Photoshop. I think that when people Photoshop things, all of a sudden you're like, 'That's not even me anymore.'

''It takes away the natural beauty of a person.''

The 27-year-old catwalk star agrees with her fellow model Gisele Bundchen's recent comments about Photoshop taking away the very things that make every woman ''unique and beautiful'', especially since Lily is often a victim of people erasing the gap between her teeth in images.

She added: ''I think Gisele had just said something like, there's no more rawness, like the little quirks. You know, I have a gap in my teeth and sometimes people take it away.

''But I'm like, 'I love my teeth.' You know, that's me. A little is fine, but don't go crazy.''

Gisele stars in BLK DNM's new ad campaign, whose creative director, Johan Lindeberg, persuaded her to go make-up free to enhance her natural beauty.