Jailed SOPRANOS star Lillo Brancato, Jr. has urged troubled actress Lindsay Lohan to turn her life around or risk spending 10 years behind bars like him.

Brancato, Jr. fell from grace after his breakthrough opposite Robert De Niro in the crime drama A Bronx Tale at the age of 15, and he is currently jailed at New York's Hudson Correctional Facility for his part in the murder of an off-duty cop in 2005.

And now he has reached out to the former child star, who is on probation for the theft of a necklace from a California jewellery store, insisting there is still time to get her career back on track and avoid a downward spiral of costly mistakes.

Speaking through his producer pal Noel Ashman, he tells the New York Daily News, "I can absolutely relate to Lindsay Lohan... (Fame) came so early I always thought it would be that easy. It got frustrating. You try to replace that with other highs, like drugs...

"I'd love to talk to her for 10 minutes and tell her, 'This is not a joke. These things you're experiencing that seem so unique to you - anything can still happen to anyone.'"

And Brancato, Jr. hopes the 26 year old listens to his advice before it's too late and she ends up "drunk and dead behind the wheel of a car".