LATEST: Rapper Lil Wayne always has marijuana on his tour bus, a New York court heard on Monday (20Oct08).
The Lollipop hitmaker, real name Dwayne Carter, was arrested last July (07) after cops found the drug and a .40 caliber pistol on the vehicle following a show in the Big Apple.
He pleaded not guilty to weapons and drug charges in May (08), but appeared in court for a pre-trial hearing last month (Sep08) to answer one charge of criminal possession of a weapon.
The police officer who made the arrest, Diane Hornung, testified at the hearing that she climbed onboard the bus, following the star's concert at the Beacon Theater in Manhattan, after seeing and smelling marijuana smoke wafting out of the vehicle's open door when it was pulled over by authorities.
And the rapper's assistant, Terry Bourgeois, confirmed to the court that there was marijuana on the bus at the time - because it is "something we always have".
He added that the star only smoked "dro" - short for hydroponically grown weed.
But Bourgeois also testified that he did not see Lil Wayne with a gun and didn't know whether one was on the bus in July 2007, when the 26-year-old was arrested.
The star's lawyer, Stacey Richman, has urged the judge to drop the charge against her client, claiming that Hornung searched the vehicle illegally by boarding the bus without probable cause.
The rapper, who is currently free on $70,000 (GBP37,840) bail, was in court to hear the evidence. He faces up to four years behind bars if convicted.