Incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne will have to wait an extra 24 hours until he regains his freedom - a prison officer at his tough New York jail has confirmed the release date was "miscalculated".
The Lollipop hitmaker has been serving a sentence on weapons possession charges at Rikers Island prison and was slated to be freed on Thursday (04Nov10).
However, due to the star breaking rules during his stint behind bars, he is expected to see out an additional day of "good time", according to officer Carl Carabello.
He explains to, "His time was miscalculated. He owed, he owes one day of 'good time', so it's gonna be another night. If you get an infraction in jail, they'll take away 'good time' - time that you accumulated for good behaviour."
Lil Wayne was banished to solitary confinement for using banned music equipment for a second time in October (10).
Officer Carabello has stated the rapper is expected to be released on Friday (05Nov10). However, a Rikers Island spokesperson has refused to confirm the release date.