Lil Wayne and the rest of team Young Money are getting tired of the spat between two of Rihanna's former lovers Drake and Chris Brown. Drake is part of Young Money as well, and the head honchos are angry at his beef with the infamous Brown, who lest we forget once assaulted his then-partner RiRi on the eve of the Grammys landing himself in hot water with the law.
Those two have reportedly patched their differences up however, something which may well have irked Drake and caused their altercation in a club recently. Tmz reports that Drake has received several calls since the incident from various members of Young Money urging him to extend an olive branch to Brown. Brown appears with several members of the label on various tracks, and the group are worried that any bad relationship with Brown might ruin the chance for them to collaborate in the future, the artists knowing full well that despite his notoriety, the 22 year-old is pretty much a guaranteed home run as far as getting hits goes.
Drake is apparently refusing to shake hands with Brown until the latter acknowledges that it wasn't the Canadian producer who was the aggressor in the New York incident, something Brown's lawyer's are currently claiming. Young Money are supposedly on Drake's side no matter what, but money is more important than pride here.