Rapper Lil Wayne is sporting a bright yellow bandage on his shoulder to prevent his bone from "popping out" of his skin after refusing to medical treatment following a recent skateboarding accident.
The Lollipop hitmaker revealed he had separated his shoulder in the nasty incident in early May (12) and he admitted that he had been in agony while filming an appearance in fellow hip-hop star French Montana's new video Pop That.
Wayne now confesses he only has himself to blame for the ongoing pain - because he decided against going to a hospital to get his left shoulder checked out professionally.
He tells MTV.com, "I broke my clavicle, like, two months ago. What happened was, I didn't go to the doctor when I broke it, so it healed on its own.
"Whenever you let a break heal on its own, it don't heal right (sic), so I got a lot of bone callouses around it. So this tape keeps my bone from popping out of my skin. It's fun."
It's the second serious injury Wayne has sustained since developing a love for skateboarding - last August (11), he received nine stitches to his forehead to fix a bloody cut above his left eye.