Rap superstar Lil Wayne's legal woes are building up - he's facing a lawsuit from producers Play-N-Skillz over allegations they've yet to be paid for their work on his Grammy-winning album THA CARTER III.
The Lollipop hitmaker, real name Dwayne Carter, teamed up with the beatmaking duo and rapper T-Pain for the track Got Money, which was released as the third official single from the 2008 disc.
But Play-N-Skillz claim they are still awaiting payment for the beat.
Skillz tells AllHipHop.com, "We haven't gotten any compensation. We really didn't want to speak on anything like that, just because of our relationship with Pain and Wayne. We're more thankful for the opportunity to be on Tha Carter III, but business is business at the end of the day.
"Now it's coming to where we have to put our business hat on... we wanna know what's going on."
Play-N-Skillz are confident the matter has simply been overlooked and are keen to resolve their problems amicably - and they will only sue as a last resort.
Skillz adds, "We think the legal issues will be taken care of. It might not even be on his radar. A lot of people fail to realise, the artist might not even know. I'm sure that Wayne doesn't even know or Pain doesn't even know.
"It could be Universal Records, but somebody has to come with it. Give us our change, man... we need that."
Wayne is currently being sued for copyright infringement relating to his songs I Feel Like Dying and Mrs. Officer, both of which feature on Tha Carter III too. He is also facing various gun and drug charges.