Jailed rapper LIL' KIM is facing another legal rap from behind bars after a man shot by members of her Junior Mafia posse has named her in his new lawsuit.

Michael Goody claims the rap star, real name KIMBERLY JONES, ignored a civil suit arising from the shooting incident in 2001, but she maintains she had nothing to do with the attack in a Fort Greene, New York delicatessen.

Goody, who is seeking $1 million (GBP555,500) in damages, required hospital treatment when rapper JAMES 'LIL' CEASE' LLOYD, Antoine Spain, Suif Jackson and Damien Butler were among a gang who opened fire on him during a row. Butler and Jackson have since served jail time for the incident

In legal papers filed in Brooklyn, Goody's attorney Ron Mysliweic (corr) states, "Jones had an obligation and duty to employ competent and emotionally stable personnel of high character... so as not to endanger the welfare of others."

Mysliweic moved for a default judgment after neither Lil' Kim nor her legal team showed up for depositions earlier this month (NOV05).

Jones' lawyer Mel Sachs insists that's because his client was behind bars. Sachs also maintains that Jones wasn't part of the shooting, insisting, "She was not involved and was not aware of the incident."