A man accused of conning hip-hop beauty LIL' KIM after her jewellery was stolen has been jailed.

JOHN ACHESON, 31, told the rapper's lawyer that he knew where her missing jewellery was when, in fact, he didn't.

He pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of attempted grand larceny and was subsequently sentenced to five days behind bars and a $500 (GBP277) fine, rather than up to four years in jail, for his role in trying to con the New York native.

Kim's lawyer Mel Sachs got a call from Acheson last summer (03), three days after a thief made off with $250,000 (GBP138,800) worth of her jewellery at New York's JOHN F KENNEDY AIRPORT on 20 June.

Acheson allegedly offered to sell back the stash for $5,000 (GBP2,700) upfront and another $20,000 (GBP11,100) later, police said. The jewels were later found near an airport employee's locker.

No money was paid by Kim or her people, though Acheson, who was already on parole for swindling his former landlord for $47,000 (GBP26,100) in fake stock, was slapped with a felony grand larceny charge.

Acheson still claims that he had to pay $20,000 in order to get the jewellery back from a friend, and is now threatening to sue Sachs over the alleged investment.

12/03/2004 02:41