Rapper LIL' KIM is hoping to resume her turbulent relationship with her father - despite not having spoken to him in over five years.

The MAGIC STICK star - who was raised by her stern dad LINWOOD JONES after her mother RUBY MAE left him for being "abusive" - would like to form a connection with the parent she walked out on as a teenager after a series of rows.

Kim, 29, explains, "I haven't spoken to my father for years, but he did call me on my birthday and I did try to call him back but it didn't work, so I think I might have got some sort of bad connection going on.

"But I am growing and maturing and would love to speak to my dad because I haven't spoken to him in five to seven years.

"Overall, he is still my dad and I can't wait for the days when we are speaking and get in contact with each other."

24/08/2004 13:43