Hip-hop beauty LIL' KIM has put her voice to use for a difference purpose on her latest project - an animated sci-fi movie.

The flamboyant JUMP OFF rapper is the voice of SOLEDAD, a character in the new flick THOSE WHO TALK IN DARKNESS, which will be released directly to DVD on 3 June (03).

The New York native's character is a sexy female police officer, who fights mutants in a futuristic Los Angeles.

Lil' Kim explains the difference between acting on the big screen and providing the voice of an animated character, "You have to kind of be imaginative. But it's kind of easy sometimes because you don't have to worry about looking a certain way."

Lil' Kim, real name KIMBERLY JONES, will hit the big screen later this year (03) in the hip-hop western Guns And Roses, which also features BOBBY BROWN and Stacey Dash.

19/05/2003 21:08