Rapper LIL' KIM's mother is secretly supporting her daughter in court as she stands trial for perjury during the investigation of a shootout outside a radio station.

RUBY JONES MITCHELL takes time out from her busy clerical job to sit in Manhattan Federal Court's gallery so the JUMP OFF beauty knows she's not alone - even though Mitchell keeps her identity a secret from other onlookers.

She tells website PAGESIX.COM, "I'm in court daily. It's not easy because I'm a working person. I took some days off. I'm in the City's Housing Preservation office, and they know Kim's my daughter. Some days I work mornings, then go to court in the afternoon.

"I don't talk to anybody. Nobody knows who I am, and she and I can't even speak. Can't smile at one another either because she sits in front of me. But at least she knows I'm there. Sometimes at the cafeteria at lunch or on a five-minute break we can hug."

On 25 February 2001, Lil' Kim and associates from the rap group JUNIOR MAFIA appeared as guests on New York radio station HOT 97. After they left the studio, members of her entourage and a rival hip-hop group were involved in a shootout, in which one man was injured. A video showed the star standing on the street during the incident before jumping into a limousine with people suspected to be involved.

Lil' Kim could face up to 30 years incarceration if she is found guilty of one count of conspiracy, three counts of perjury, three counts of making false statements and one count of obstruction.

09/03/2005 14:37