Incarcerated rapper LIL' KIM had an embarrassing Christmas behind bars last year (05) - her fellow inmates belted out her hits during a festive karaoke session. The rap star, real name KIMBERLY JONES, spent Christmas at the Federal Detention Center of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she's serving a 366-day sentence after being found guilty of perjury. And her fellow inmates made sure she had a Christmas to remember. She recalls, "They let us do karaoke and stuff like that on Christmas - just to give us a little bit of spirit... They even got my songs on the karaoke list. It's so embarrassing. And they all do my songs." Meanwhile, Lil' Kim has sent a message to fans, who fear their heroine will leave prison with a whole new look. She adds, "(Some people) left outta here (sic) and gave false interviews about me... and it was so false, talking about they cut my hair. Nobody cut my f**kin' hair."