Prosecutors in LIL' KIM's perjury court case have branded the hip-hop beauty a liar and her testimony "laughable".

The JUMP OFF rapper faces several charges relating to a shootout outside New York radio station HOT 97 in 2001 - and Assistant US Attorney CATHY SEIBEL contends Lil' Kim, real name KIMBERLY JONES, believed her celebrity status placed her above the law.

During yesterday's (14MAR05) closing speech at Manhattan's Federal Court, Seibel said, "Maybe she really believed she was the queen bee, that she was above the law... It's like ALICE IN WONDERLAND, it's whatever lie is expedient at the moment."

Jones' defence lawyer Mel Sachs described the prosecution as a "bad, weak case... Kimberly Jones is not guilty of any of these charges".

Jones is accused of lying to a federal grand jury investigating two of her associates - Suif Jackson and DAMION BUTLER - in the 2001 gun battle which left one man injured. Both men have pleaded guilty to firing shots in the incident.

But Sachs argued his client had no reason to protect her co-defendants because she had already severed all ties to them.

He said, "She was used by them. They stole from her, and her generosity was exploited for their own financial gain."

Lil' Kim could face up to 30 years incarceration if she is found guilty of one count of conspiracy, three counts of perjury, three counts of making false statements and one count of obstruction.

15/03/2005 14:09